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The best Christmas plugins for your WordPress blog

Santa checking his WordPress plugin listIt’s not too late yet, you still have almost one week from now (today it’s 19 December) to spice up your WordPress blog and give it the special Christmas look ! In this post at WordPress Plugin Guide we will show you 6 special plugins to give your blog some Christmas feeling, like plugins with nice snow effects, a santa with a welcome message, dancing snow men and a countdown counter to Christmas. All plugins were tested by us on WordPress 2.9 so you don’t have to worry about their functioning !

Ho ho ho ho, Santa is coming, let’s see what kind of special Christmas presents he has for us WordPress fans here :

Christmas Countdown

The Christmas Countdown plugin is a widget which will put a nice countdown counter in your sidebar counting down to Christmas. You can display it in two different colors, light blue and dark blue. You can see a screenshot of the light blue version below. Installation is easy, just add the widget to your sidebar, adjust the width setting and you’re ready to go !

Christmas Countdown plugin

Christmas Countdown plugin for WordPress


WP-Christmas is a very nice plugin featuring two funny dancing snowmen wishing everyone a Merry Christmas ! It will start as soon as a visitor enters your blog, creating a nice overlay with a snowmen animation, a short Merry Christmas song and you will notice some beautiful falling snow flakes on your blog. It also has some options to customize: run it once (by placing a cookie), enable/disable snowing, change the snow graphic, and the location where to display it.

WP-Christmas plugin

WP-Christmas plugin for WordPress

Christmas Message

With the Christmas Message plugin you can setup a custom message with a funny santa graphic for all the visitors to your blog. You can customize the message, which will popup as soon as a new visitor enters your website. Installation is very easy, and you can setup things like it’s cookie expiration, heading and text content where you can use any valid xHTML code.

Christmas Message plugin

Christmas Message plugin for WordPress

Let It Snow!

Let is snow! WordPress Plugin at the WP plugin guide !The Let It Snow! plugin creates some beautiful falling snow flakes on your blog. It’s quite customizable, you can set the number of falling flakes, the snowfall speed, and option to get sticky snow at the bottom of your browser (see screenshot below), and an option to let the snow following your mouse.

Let It Snow! plugin

Let It Snow! plugin for WordPress

Snow, balloons and more

The WP plugin Snow, balloons and more is another nice show effect plugin. You cannot only use it at Christmas, but also other times of the year, like spring, summer and fall ! There are snowflakes, leaves, drops – and even balloons that can float upwards ! You can choose between +/- 60 different graphics, customize settings like falling speed, wind strength (!) and many more handy options. Check out the screenshot below for some nice falling santas effect !

Snow, balloons and more plugin

Snow, balloons and more plugin for WordPress

WordPress holidays

If you want to display a nice holiday message to your blog readers and also want to invite them to subscribe to your RSS feed you should try this plugin. You can add the messages in your post with a shortcode, and it’s quite easy to customize.

WordPress holidays plugin

WordPress holidays plugin for WordPress

Merry Christmas and a Happy new 2010 from WordPress Plugin Guide !That’s all we have.. Not bag full of Christmas plugins for WordPress, but at least working ones; there are many more of them at but a lot of them are not working. A season change to your blog’s design is just like putting a gift underneath the artificial Christmas tree of each of your blog’s visitors. The santa icons used in this post are designed by IkonKa. If you liked this post please don’t forget to bookmark it at your favorite social bookmark site, and/or rate the post here below ! We from WordPress Plugin Guide wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!




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    This is a great list of holiday plug ins. There are some great WordPress holiday themes as well. It’s always a great idea to decorate for the holidays, and this includes on our websites. It creates a warm, welcoming and FUN feeling for visitors.

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